6 Ways to Diversify Income as a Creator


With an ever-changing digital landscape, you’ll need to strategize and diversify income as a creator to stay ahead. As a creator, finding new ways to grow and stabilize your revenue is crucial for longevity in the creator economy.

In this guide, we’ve identified 6 ways you can diversify your income, from selling niche-specific digital downloads to starting exclusive communities and offering consultation services. And remember, a stable revenue is not just about creating content, but also about exploring new avenues that cater to your audience.

Although reaching your first $100 online may seem daunting, several creators have found success in diversifying their income streams. By learning from their experiences and adopting their strategies, you can effectively build a long-lasting, prosperous career as a content creator.

Don’t be discouraged – content creators’ earnings vary significantly, and with perseverance and passion, you too can make a mark in the creator economy.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s important to have one stable income first, before considering other income streams.
  • Diversifying income streams is vital for creators’ financial stability and growth.
  • Explore various methods like selling digital products, coaching, and brand collaborations.
  • Learning from successful creators can help in building a sustainable creator business.

Important considering about building multiple income streams

Before we look at the ways in which you can diversify income as a content creator, it’s important that you understand the risks of spreading yourself too thin. Building multiple income streams as a content creator can be good but you should be able to do it sustainable. Here are some important points to consider:

  • Master one income stream before diversifying to ensure a stable base and make it easier to add related income channels.
  • Don’t obsess over others’ incomes; focus on what works best for you, considering your own skills, interests, and lifestyle.
  • New income streams can affect existing ones, requiring a reassessment of time and effort allocation.
  • Beware of “Shiny Object Syndrome,” the constant pursuit of new opportunities at the expense of current projects.
  • Passive income isn’t completely passive; it requires some level of ongoing maintenance and oversight.

Why is Having Different Income Streams Important for Creators?

You probably rely on one main source of income, like the majority of people. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, it does come with its own set of risks.

What would you do if that main income stream were to suddenly disappear, or if you lost your job? This is precisely the scenario countless individuals faced as a result of the pandemic, experiencing job loss and furloughs.

Therefore, diversifying income streams is crucial for creators, as it leads to a more sustainable business model. When one revenue stream experiences a slow period, having multiple sources of income helps to compensate, ensuring financial stability.

It allows creators to leverage their expertise and cater to their audiences at different stages, offering various services and revenue-generating opportunities.

Developing diverse income streams, such as passive income, can also help creators meet their financial goals. By diversifying your income, you optimize your financial growth and minimize the risk of relying solely on one revenue stream.

1. Sell niche-specific digital downloads


Creating and selling eBooks can be a lucrative way to share your knowledge and expertise. Write on topics relevant to your niche, ensuring the content is valuable and informative to your target audience.


Design and sell a variety of printables, such as guides, checklists, and templates. This can be an easy way to provide your audience with helpful tools and resources.

Canva templates

If you have a knack for design, creating Canva templates for social media graphics, resumes, or presentations can be a successful digital product to sell. It allows your customers to quickly customize and adapt your designs to their needs.

Notion templates

Notion is a popular productivity app, and offering Notion templates can help users organize their work, goals, and personal lives. Create specialized templates tailored to the needs of your niche audience.

Notion Templates for Creators by Easlo

Online courses

Developing and selling online courses is an excellent way to teach your audience new skills. With no inventory or shipping involved, it’s a hassle-free method to earn revenue while sharing your expertise. Remember to consider your audience’s needs and desires when creating course content.

2. Start an Exclusive Community

Creating exclusive content is a valuable way to engage your audience. Think about common questions or requests you receive from your followers and develop content that addresses those needs.

For example, if you regularly share tips and trending audios but followers find them challenging to locate or save, consider creating a subscription service that delivers this information directly via email. This strategy helps your audience access valuable content more easily while also generating a dependable revenue stream for you.

Build a Private-Access Community

Building an exclusive community on Slack

Developing a private-access community isn’t just about offering exclusive content; it’s also about providing unique experiences and value that your followers can’t find elsewhere. This can include information, personal transformations, or connections with others who share similar interests. You could use platforms like Discord or Slack to build and manage your communities.

Consider hosting virtual or live events that allow your subscribers to connect with each other and, most importantly, with you. A tight-knit community fosters loyalty and encourages long-term support, turning followers into dedicated members who look forward to your offerings and contributions.

3. Offer Consultation/Coaching Calls

Paid consulting and coaching calls are a valuable way to grow your income as a freelancer, impacting a client’s business strategy while effectively managing your time. Here are a few essential steps to start offering 1:1 paid consultation and coaching calls:

  • Identify a specific problem: Be as specific as possible to address your target audience effectively. Focusing on a particular issue increases your credibility and appeal to potential clients seeking guidance in that area.
  • Set clear expectations: Understand that there are limitations to what can be achieved in a single coaching or consulting call. Avoid making exaggerated promises and set realistic expectations for your clients.
  • Collect testimonials: To build trust with potential clients, include quotes or testimonials from people you have previously worked with on your coaching web page. It serves as an assurance of your expertise and the value you offer.
  • Determine competitive pricing: A general starting point for pricing is $100 for a one-hour consulting call. However, conducting market research can help you adjust the price accordingly, considering your target clients.

By following these steps, you can successfully offer consultation and coaching calls, gradually increasing your clientele and diversifying your income.

4. Create UGC for brands

Don’t worry if you don’t have a large following, user-generated content is about your skills as a content creator. Becoming a UGC creator involves creating authentic content for brands. Here’s what you can do to create content:

  • Showcase your skills: Be comfortable while acting in product review videos or writing engaging blog posts.
  • Explore opportunities: Check out platforms like Trend, Insense, and Influee to find UGC creation work.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to craft content that resonates with the audience and promotes the brand effectively.

5. Start a paid newsletter

Starting a paid digital newsletter is an excellent opportunity to establish your expertise and create a meaningful connection with your audience. To make your newsletter stand out from the many free options available, consider offering exclusive content and experiences. This could include behind-the-scenes material, closer access to you as the creator, or more in-depth information on your area of knowledge.

To gauge interest and determine what your audience is willing to pay for, consider asking the community directly for their preferences.

When launching your paid newsletter, explore email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or journalism-focused publishing platforms like Substack to find the best fit for hosting your digital newsletter.

A successful paid newsletter often consists of:

  • Curated articles tailored to your subscribers’ interests
  • Opportunities to foster a sense of community among your readership
  • An emphasis on exclusivity to differentiate your newsletter from free alternatives

By consistently providing unique and valuable content, you can grow your audience and sustain a profitable email marketing venture.

6. Create Brand Collaborations

Expand your revenue by partnering with brands for affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and brand partnerships. Collaborate on co-creating courses or products that showcase both your brands. This strategic approach enhances visibility and attracts a broader audience for mutual growth.

To succeed as an influencer keen on collaborating with brands, it’s crucial to maintain a consistent posting schedule and branding style. Quality is king, so ensure your content is top-notch and resonates with your target audience. Here are some points to consider:

  • Be consistent: Maintain a regular posting schedule and cohesive branding to establish trustworthiness.
  • Create high-quality content: Prioritize creating engaging, audience-targeted content to attract brand collaborations.
  • Have a media kit: Compile key statistics, audience metrics, and personal branding elements in a media kit for potential brand partners.
  • Connect with brands on social media: Tag, comment, and engage with potential brand partners to get noticed before making direct contact.
  • Be transparent: Always disclose collaborations and partnerships, using features like Instagram’s Collab for ease and clarity.
  • Aim for trust and authenticity: Both users and brands value transparency and reliability, making these key attributes for successful influencer collaborations.

7. Promote Products as an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a brand’s product or service on your platform. It can be an excellent way to earn money online when done authentically. Always choose to affiliate with brands and products you genuinely like and use, as your followers trust your honest recommendations.

To boost conversions, ask your affiliate partners if they can provide a discount code for the products you’re promoting. This not only helps drive sales but also serves as a way to thank your community for trusting your suggestions.

When done right, affiliate marketing can coexist with sponsored content, brand deals, and content creation for brands. Be transparent and maintain the trust of your audience while exploring these income diversification opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can an artist create multiple revenue streams?

As an artist, you can diversify your income by exploring various opportunities, including:

– Selling original artwork or prints
– Licensing your designs for products
– Offering workshops or classes
– Selling merchandise related to your art, like t-shirts or stickers
– Using crowdfunding platforms to support ongoing projects
– Offering freelance services, such as graphic design or illustration

What are some creative methods for content creators to generate income?

Content creators can generate income through:

– Ad revenue from platforms like YouTube or podcasts
– Affiliate marketing
– Sponsored content and partnerships with brands
– Offering premium content on subscription platforms like Patreon
– Selling digital products, such as e-books or courses
– Crowdfunding campaigns for projects or equipment upgrades

Which passive income opportunities are available for creators?

Passive income options for creators include:
– Licensing your content or intellectual property for use in other media, such as books, TV, or movies
– Earning royalties from the sale of digital assets like stock photos or videos
– Generating ad revenue from your website or blog
– Selling merchandise with your logo or artwork
– Creating online courses or e-books

How do content creators benefit from diversifying their income?

Diversifying your income as a creator provides several advantages:
– Reduced financial risk by not relying on a single source of income
– Encourages creative growth by exploring new markets and platforms
– Builds a stronger personal brand and online presence
– Increases overall earning potential

What role do partnerships and collaboration play in income diversification for creators?

Partnerships and collaborations can significantly impact income diversification for creators by:
– Introducing new audiences to your content or products
– Increasing credibility and trust through association with established brands
– Providing access to financial resources and marketing support
– Encouraging innovation and creative exchange among the collaborators

How can creators leverage their skills and expertise to build additional income sources?

Creators can leverage their skills and expertise in the following ways to build additional income sources:
– Teaching online or in-person workshops, classes, or tutorials
– Consulting or providing coaching services to other creators or businesses
– Selling creative materials, such as presets, templates, or toolkits
– Writing and self-publishing e-books, guides, or articles on your area of expertise


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