Podia Pricing: Picking the Right Plan for You


If you’re considering signing up for a paid plan with Podia, this article will guide you on choosing the best one for your needs. Podia pricing structure is designed to accommodate various levels of business development, from those just starting out with no upfront costs, to established ventures seeking advanced features.

By offering a range of tiers, Podia enables users to find a pricing plan that aligns with their budget and business goals, ensuring that the leap into the digital marketplace is both accessible and scalable.

Podia’s pricing plans have changed over the years, reflecting the platform’s commitment to staying relevant and competitively priced in the dynamic online course and digital product market.

The platform’s range of services, encompassing everything from content hosting to sales management, is provided with the latest pricing updates. This ensures that users are making informed decisions based on the most current offerings.

Podia Pricing

Key Takeaways

  • Podia offers various pricing plans, making it accessible for beginners and suitable for growing businesses.
  • The platform has recently updated its pricing structure to reflect the evolving needs of online content creators.
  • Podia’s plans are designed to scale as users’ online businesses grow, providing features and services that support expansion.

Podia Pricing Plans

Podia stands out as a comprehensive platform tailored for creators and entrepreneurs eager to monetize their expertise through online courses, membership sites, digital products, and more.

Podia has formulated a variety of subscription plans to cater to the different needs of customers, including a no-cost option and more feature-rich paid plans. Those who opt for annual subscriptions are entitled to significant savings, effectively providing two months of service without charge each year.

Available Membership Levels:

  • Free Tier:
    • Price: $0 (8% transaction fees)
    • Features: Single digital download, one coaching product, community access, weekly customer support, unlimited community members and topics, custom website, limited email subscribers (250/month), and customer messaging.
  • Mover Plan:
    • Price: $39/month or $33/month (billed annually)
    • Features: Everything in Free, plus selling courses, five products for free migration, enhanced support for 5,000 monthly email recipients, access to sell digital products and coaching, no transaction fees, and optional add-ons.
  • Shaker Plan:
    • Price: $89/month or $75/month (billed annually)
    • Features: All Mover features with expanded capabilities, including 10 product migrations, course completion certificates, selling product bundles, 15,000 monthly email recipients, embedded checkout, affiliate marketing, third-party code integration, and the option to remove Podia branding.

Additional Points to Note:

  • Every plan grants access to daily live Q&A.
  • None of the plans include email marketing plan. E-mail marketing add-on should be purchased separately.
  • Additional team members can be added at $20/month per person in the Mover and Shaker plans; Shaker plan includes five team seats.

By choosing annual billing, subscribers realize appreciable cost benefits, though this may not fit everyone’s budget preferences. With diverse offerings, Podia provides a scalable solution for digital entrepreneurs seeking different levels of engagement and resources for their online business ventures.

Podia’s Free Plan

Podia extends a free access tier tailored for content creators dipping their toes into the platform’s ecosystem. This introductory offer includes the essentials:

  • Website Creation: Establish a complete web presence.
  • Community Interaction: Engage with a connected audience.
  • Single Downloads: Offer one downloadable product.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Provide personalized coaching with one offering.
  • Preview Content: Prepare drafts of courses and webinars for future release.

Creators should be aware that an 10% transaction fee applies to sales, and the ability to publicly publish courses is not included. For those planning to expand their business and minimize fees, considering Podia’s premium plans is advisable.

Podia’s Starter Plan

Who is the Starter plan for?

For individuals at the beginning of their online community-building journey who may also be considering offering a course, this plan provides a budget-friendly entry point at $9 per month, or an economical $48 when billed yearly. Key benefits include the ability to implement a custom domain and chat support, alongside more favorable transaction fees at 8% compared to the free tier’s 10%.

  • Monthly Cost: $9
  • Annual Savings: $60
  • Transaction Fee: 8%
  • Features:
    • Custom domain
    • Chat support

Podia’s Mover Plan

Who is the Mover plan for?

Those embarking on their journey as digital content creators or online coaches will find the Mover Option from Podia particularly appealing. With its cost-effectiveness at $39 monthly, creators on a budget can take advantage of its robust features without the burden of transaction fees. If paid annually, creators can save $72, amounting to a yearly payment of $396.

Creators looking for comprehensive tools to grow their brand will find the inclusive website builder of immense value. The ability to host unlimited courses and downloads, complemented by community engagement tools, caters to entrepreneurs eager to establish a strong online presence. Additionally, the multi-faceted customer support, available seven days a week, ensures that technical issues do not hinder business operations.

The plan’s simplicity makes it a user-friendly option for individuals new to online commerce. Furthermore, the plan is beneficial for those planning to scale their businesses, as the unlimited bundling of products and third-party integration capabilities allow for easy expansion.

Distinctive Features:

  • Host limitless courses and digital products
  • Create a customized website for your brand
  • Seven-day customer service support
  • Straightforward platform suitable for non-technical users
  • Economic choice for entrepreneurs
  • Create unlimited product bundles and webinars

For solo entrepreneurs and those initiating their digital product journey, the Mover Option is a solid financial choice that also provides the essential tools for digital commerce success. It is ideal for creators keen on converting their knowledge and skills into profitable digital products.

Podia’s Shaker Plan

Who is the Shaker plan for?

The $89 Podia Plan caters to entrepreneurs and small businesses pursuing greater customization and control over their online educational content and product offerings. This package boasts an extensive array of features aimed at establishing and expanding an online course business.

Individuals can leverage this plan to produce and market limitless courses, digital goods, and webinars. Notably, the plan abolishes transaction fees and supplies creators with the ability to establish membership sites for consistent revenue streams.

A distinct advantage of this plan lies in its capability to initiate an affiliate marketing campaign to enhance course promotion efforts. Furthermore, this plan grants the flexibility to discard Podia’s default branding from one’s site and enables the sale of personalized coaching services.

The integration with Zoom is seamless, augmenting the value for those looking to conduct webinars or live sessions. Through the use of affiliate marketing tools included in the plan, users can transform customers into active promoters of their products and services.

Distinctive Features Include:

  • Unrestricted Products and Services: Users can create endless courses, digital products, and webinars.
  • Zero Transaction Fees: Increase profit margins with no transaction costs on sales.
  • Membership Site Creation: Develop sites for recurring payments from memberships.
  • Customization and Branding: Remove Podia branding and establish a custom site experience.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Launch an affiliate program to boost course visibility.

The advanced functionalities and supportive tools of the Podia Shaker plan make it an ideal solution for those endeavoring to enrich their online business and foster sustainable growth in the competitive digital marketplace.

A Closer Look at Podia

Podia emerges as an encompassing tool that caters to diverse online business needs, simplifying the process for entrepreneurs and educators to monetize their content. With its intuitive course-building features, individuals can create and market online courses with ease, incorporating a variety of media such as videos and quizzes. The platform’s flexibility is further emphasized by its ability to facilitate the sale of digital products, ranging from eBooks to downloadable resources.

For those seeking a steady income, Podia’s membership model provides a means to offer subscriptions for exclusive content. This feature is instrumental in fostering community and ensuring a reliable revenue stream. Additionally, the platform’s built-in website builder enables users to establish a professional web presence effortlessly, without delving into complex coding.

Email marketing is another cornerstone of Podia, allowing users to engage with their audience, foster leads, and boost product sales. Handling transactions is made straightforward with secure payment processing capabilities, which streamlines the financial aspect of running an online business.

Podia extends its functionality through affiliate marketing tools, empowering users to grow their reach through partnerships and referral programs. Ensuring the satisfaction of both creators and their customers, Podia offers robust customer support options to address any challenges that may arise.

Altogether, Podia stands out as a versatile and comprehensive solution designed to minimize the hassle often associated with operating an online educational enterprise, making it an attractive choice for those who coach or train, as indicated by an in-depth Podia review.

In Summary

Podia stands out in the digital course creation space. With a comprehensive suite of tools, it supports users through every step of creating and selling their educational content. The platform’s dedication to user success is further highlighted by its available support team, ready to assist every day of the week.

For those exploring alternatives to Podia for their digital product needs, there are several other options to consider, each with its own set of features and pricing structures:

  • Kajabi: A streamlined approach to the course and digital product sales.
  • Kartra: Combines online course features with marketing automation.
  • LearnDash: A WordPress plugin for creating and managing online courses.
  • LearnWorlds: An interactive platform for online course creators.
  • Samcart: Focuses on simplifying the checkout process for digital products.
  • Teachery: An easy-to-use, no-code platform for course creators.
  • Teachable: Popular for its user-friendly interface and powerful features.

Podia and Sellfy Pricing Analysis

Examining the costs associated with Podia and Sellfy reveals distinct approaches tailored to varying business requirements. Podia presents a tiered structure starting with a Free Plan that requires no subscription fee but does include an 8% transaction fee and limits users to one digital download and one coaching product. Scaling up, the Starter Plan at $9/month offers a custom domain and chat support with a slightly reduced transaction fee. Podia’s Mover Plan comes in at $39/month, allowing for unlimited courses and lower transaction fees, while the Shaker Plan—priced at $89/month—eliminates transaction costs and adds features like certificates and an affiliate program.

In contrast, Sellfy maintains a consistent no-transaction-fee policy across its plans, emphasizing affordability and scalability. Their Starter Plan is set at $19/month, targeting newcomers with features like store customization and a sales cap of $10,000 annually. For growing enterprises, the Business Plan costs $49/month and includes perks like discount codes and increased sales limits. Lastly, larger businesses may opt for the Premium Plan at $99/month, which supports significant sales volumes and promises prioritized support.

Both platforms cater to creators with diverse needs, offering various tools and services at different stages of business growth. While Podia’s plans introduce a range of transaction fees, Sellfy champions a transparent cost strategy with its lack of hidden fees. The decision between the two might hinge on specific feature requirements and financial considerations for a content creator or entrepreneur. For a more comprehensive comparison and detailed insights regarding features beyond pricing, interested individuals can find relevant information that deepens their understanding of Podia and Sellfy’s offerings.

What are the transaction fees for Podia?

The transaction fees for Podia are calculated on the sales processed. The tables below summarize the rate that varies based on the plan you are subscribed to.

Plan NameTransaction Fee
Free Plan10%
Starter Plan8%
Mover Plan5%
Shaker Plan0%

How does Podia pricing compare against Thinkific?

Several advantages of Podia over Thinkific include:
– Simpler pricing structure
– Enhanced marketing and sales features
– No transaction fees on paid plans

Though both offer a free plan, Teachable’s paid plan starts at $49/month (or $36/month paid annually) whereas Podia’s paid plans start at $9/month or $4/month paid annually. These benefits make Podia an attractive option for users looking for an all-in-one platform to sell courses, memberships, and digital products.

How’s Podia Pricing compared to Teachable?

Podia and Teachable offer different pricing and features for their users. Though both offer a free plan, Teachable’s paid plan starts at $59/month (or $39/month paid annually) whereas Podia’s paid plans start at $9/month or $4/month paid annually. Generally, Podia’s pricing starts at a lower entry point compared to Teachable, but each platform has unique offerings in terms of course creation, marketing tools, and other functionalities.


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